JJ Greenberg
In memory of JJ Greenberg

Dear Friends and Family,

On 8 Tishrei, we will mark the 17th yahrzeit of our beloved JJ Greenberg Z"L. The Aliya Lakever will take place on Monday, October 7th, at 5 pm. 

We will meet at the Har Tamir section of Har Hamenuchot, Gush Taf Tzadi, Helkah Bet (הר תמיר, גוש ת"צ, חלקה ב), or Section 490, Division 2.

We wish you a Shana Tova, Gmar Chatima Tova.

The Greenberg, David and Weil families

About JJ

Jonathan Joseph ("J.J.") Greenberg was a special human being who will be missed by many. This website, dedicated to the memory of J.J. Greenberg, is a creation of J.J.'s family and friends.

J.J. served as executive director of the New York-based Jewish Life Network since its inception in 1995, where he helped develop such landmark programs as 

  • Birthright Israel; 
  • the Makor center on the Upper West Side of Manhattan; 
  • the Partnership for Excellence in Jewish Education; 
  • Synagogue Transformation and Renewal (STAR); 
  • and the Jewish Early Childhood Education Partnership.

Please send us any memories, stories, pictures, links or articles that would help us all remember J.J.